5 Ways about how to Start Loving Your Exercise More

5 Ways about how to Start Loving Your Exercise More

An exercise is a powerful tool for changing your mindset and improving your mood. But without making the initial effort to listen to your body and give it the strength it needs, it will always be a struggle.

First of all, it definitely takes a little more motivation and willpower, but once you get moving and get involved, exercise becomes much more than a way to gain muscles and get fit. This can increase your focus, strengthen your mental health and bring you more into the present in all aspects of your life. It will be something you dream of – and it really doesn’t take long after your move.

The next time you train, think about these five things to get the most out of your activity and feel good from the inside!

1. Energize your entire body with a smile.

The way you hold your body can give you energy or drain it completely. Most people fall asleep without knowing how the body and posture affect general health and emotional state.

For example, if you walk with a scowl, this is often accompanied by a compressed posture. But if you smile (not like a madman, just a simple smile), your body and mind will rise.

Science has proven that smiling changes your biochemistry and positively affects your nervous system. Negative thoughts that have become habitual will also disappear. Smiling and happy thoughts become the norm and your mood improves. So smile when you train – even if it’s difficult.

2. Imagine that you are already successful.

It is an important concept. Often people think that when they get something, they feel a certain way, but they don’t let themselves succeed until they reach the goal they set. They think like this, “As soon as I get a six-pack, I’ll be happy.”

Constant living in the future prevents you from feeling present and happy right now. You are heading for your destination. Once there, you will find that there are only more goals to reach.

Better to go through things as if you had already done so. Learn the feeling. Accept that you are on the right track and that you are better today than at the beginning. If you succeed, it means confidence, which will ultimately help you feel more engaged and present.

3. Inspire Yourself With The Positive Self-Talk

Do you speak all the time to yourself, but be very careful of what you say – and the tone in which you say it? Do you speak kindly as you do to a friend? Or do you pick yourself apart and get to hurt yourself?

Training is the perfect time to speak with that voice. When you are physically pushed, you meet your restrictive beliefs about yourself, then you have the opportunity to inspire yourself or be negative.

Accept these difficult moments and use them as an opportunity to make your inner dialogue more positive. This, of course, helps you to feel better in your training and also follows you out of the gym!

4. Confidence in a posture of power

It is extremely important to strengthen the construction of rituals and routines that allow your self-confidence to be an integral part of your day (and your training). One way to “simulate it until you do it” is by laying down the power – to take a stand with an appropriate attitude that translates into the world: “I believe in myself, and you should too!”

Try to shape the power to remind yourself that everything you need is already in your possession. Celebrate small victories and take a position of power. Take a deep breath and use that confidence that is hidden inside you. You can try standing with both arms above your head, with your hands on your hips like Peter Pan, or another position with your shoulders back and standing with your breastbone raised.

It can be at your desk, in the bathroom – anywhere! But if you take a moment and take a powerful pose, you get a boost of honesty and confidence.

5. Let your breathing drive your workout 

The sense of breathing is a life force – literally. But most people do not breathe deeply (or often), especially during exercise. But the active breaths that take you from inspiration to expiration – the ones that open your chest and widen your stomach – have a lasting impact on your performance.

Start by breathing with your consciousness. Take a moment to observe your breathing even while training. How fast Can you contain it? Are you breathing deep in your belly? Even if you only focus on your breathing, you may need to breathe better during exercise.

Then optimize your breathing for your training. It is not always possible to breath deeply, but focusing on your breathing leads to stronger breathing.

When you lift strongly or breathe deeply (where you can feel each breath and exhale in the throat), try to breathe vigorously during yoga (take a half breath and then whistle as you exhale).

What do you think

Are you afraid of your training sessions or are you waiting impatiently? What motivates you to train? Are you concerned about any of these tips? Do you think you are going to try one of them? What could you add to the list to improve your training from the inside? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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