What You Need To Know About 2020 Fitness?

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Let’s be honest you will surely remember the good New Year’s resolutions. “I’m going to do more sports”, “I quit alcohol”, or ” I want an athletic body before my vacation ” This is the phrases that everyone has said at least once in their life. Why not combine these three desires into a fun, economical and effective activity?

Zoom on fitness and the ways to practice it every day.

Well-being above all

To refine and gain firmness, you have to move your body. Let the most reluctant be reassured, we are not necessarily talking here about bodybuilding: your best ally will be fitness. More than a sport, it is a way of living which aims to obtain a healthy and fit body.

To practice fitness, no need for expensive machines or equipment. Fitness is practiced everywhere, from the living room to the gym, and without machines. Indeed, fitness is a method of keeping in shape which prohibits any muscular stress coming from restrictive external devices.

For physical activity to be effective, however, you will have to agree to a few concessions: less alcohol and less junk food. However, it is always possible to eat while having fun to keep the line.

To get a flat stomach, fitness offers many activities, such as aerobics, Running, or swimming. All these sports have the advantage of effectively increasing your balance, your endurance and your strength while ensuring the fat/muscle balance of your body.

What is fitness after all?

In short, what is fitness? It is when someone is active, feels excited, has fair skin, does not feel tired and has a positive attitude towards life, he is doing well. Fitness is about being in good physical and mental health. John F. Kennedy said: “Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but also the basis of dynamic and creative mental activity.” In other words, fitness is also a mental state.

According to Unified Healthcare, it is possible to describe a condition that helps us to feel and to do. This means you can rest assured that your body will play when you need it, do your daily chores, take a new walk after a nice fall day, run or sit on a bench and keep your body weight low. But you can set a goal.

The Presidential Council for Physical Health and Sports describes five basic components of physical fitness:

  • Cardiac and pulmonary resistance: the ability to supply tissues with oxygen and nutrients and remove wastes over a long period of time. The methods used to measure this component include long runs and swims.
  • Muscle strength: muscle strength to exert strength for a short period of time. For example, upper body strength can be measured by several exercises of weight-lifting.
  • Stability: the muscular ability of a muscle or group of muscles to maintain recurrent contractions or to continue using a stable force against an object. The Push-ups are often used to test the resistance of the arms and shoulders.
  • Flexibility: The ability to move the joints and use the muscles while they are free to move. The sit and reach test is a good measure of flexibility for the lower back and upper legs.
  • Body composition: often considered part of exercise. Body composition is linked to lean body mass (muscles, bones, essential tissues and organs) and body fat. The specific fat / muscle ratio is a sign of exercise and the type of exercise that will really help you reduce body fat and increase or maintain muscle mass.

If you choose to be physically fit, several exercises must be linked to the components of physical condition (future post will discuss this in detail). This is to make sure that after about a week of continuous exercise and diet, you will start feeling changes in your body.

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